TIB Financial Center

Naples, FL

Constructing a contemporary full-service bank with a functional, efficient design.

Standing tall, this 3-story full-service bank showcases stunning skylights that bathe the main entrance in natural light. The construction of the building was a feat of engineering and artistry, with a combination of materials and techniques that create a sense of solidity and elegance. The foundation consists of a concrete block with a cast-in-place second floor and tie beams, providing a sturdy and stable base for the entire structure. The roof, comprised of wood trusses with a standing seam metal finish, adds to the building’s durability and enhances its architectural appeal. The impact-resistant curtain wall windows and space frames over entries are both functional and aesthetically pleasing, adding to the building’s modern and sleek appearance. Overall, this full-service bank with a drive-through is a true marvel of construction, showcasing the best in design, engineering, and craftsmanship.


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