US Signal Data Center

Van Buren, MI

Constructing the brand, new state-of-the-art US Signal Data Center with high tech finishes and spacious facilities.

The US Signal Data Center is a modern and efficient facility designed to house and manage large amounts of electronic data. The concrete, precast walls both sped up the construction timeline and provided durability and stability to the structure, while the raised flooring in the data center area allows for easy access to cables and other infrastructure components.

The data center area occupies the majority of the nearly 25,000 sq. ft. building and is specifically designed to house servers, storage devices, and other critical IT equipment. The raised access flooring eases installment, maintenance, and replacement of cabling and infrastructure components, while also providing a controlled airflow to help regulate temperature and maintain a consistent environment.

The facility is divided into several areas outside of the data center itself. Support spaces such as conference rooms, offices, and break rooms provide a comfortable efficient environment for employees and visitors of the data center.

Additional features include a redundant power and cooling system, backup generators, fire suppression, security systems, and a variety of environmental controls to ensure the optimal operating conditions for critical IT equipment.


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